This campaign originated in July 2020, as a way of raising awareness to the issues the medical tattoo industry face with the censorship of areola tattoos for breast survivors.

Mastectomy tattoos are life changing to the people wearing them, yet these images are constantly removed and banned by social media, claiming they violate ‘community guidelines on sexual and nudity activity’ ….which, when you consider the amount of offensive content allowed to circulate our screens, deeming a photograph of a tattoo that resembles a nipple, for a breast cancer survivor is outrageous!

The many layers of hypocrisy and double standards surrounding this censoring is infuriating. The more I spoke about these issues, the more I realised just how many people are affected by other forms of social media censorship.

The media have brainwashed us into hating our bodies and that we need to fit into this ‘perfect’ body image. I feel this mindset is responsible for a lot of images that are censored online and contributes to people shaming those that don’t conform to this ‘ideal’ body image too.

This seriously needs to change, our bodies should NOT be subjected to censoring and shaming online and in the media; and in particular these remarkable and brave breast cancer survivors, who wish to share their areola tattoos with the world. Our bodies are truly amazing, (scars, stretch marks and all) and we should ALL be able to celebrate them, no matter our age, gender, colour or size. This campaign represents that too ❤️

Please sign and share the CELEBRATED NOT CENSORED petition on change.org: http://chng.it/LZd8mbpV

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