You’ve asked for it, so here it is!! 

Improve your PMU skills and become a more diverse artist, with a better understanding of magnum needles and shading techniques.

I have blended my extensive knowledge and experience as a traditional and cosmetic tattoo artist to bring you a class packed full of theory and practical learning. 

This intimate 2-1, hands on training class will teach you everything you need to know about magnum needles and shading. 

Day 1 will include needle theory, configurations and needle types, along with the importance of choosing the right needle for your technique and for your client, and why. 

You will also learn 3 different shading techniques with magnums, and how to use them for both brows and lips.

Day 2 will be a full day of practical, hands on training, applying everything you’ve learnt from Day 1 to live models, giving you full confidence in your new skill set and ready for your own clients! 

These are advanced techniques, so a minimum of 2 years PMU experience is required.

Price = £995 

Please email me for all enquiries: TANYABUXTONTATTOO@GMAIL.COM

More dates and classes coming soon!!

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