Cosmetic Tattoo FAQ

Cosmetic Tattooing; also known as Micropigmentation, Permanent Make Up, Microblading or Semi Permanent Make Up, are all forms of tattooing used to enhance your natural features and can be used to create looks for brows, eyes, lips and scalp.
These techniques can also be used to reconstruct and enhance areola and cleft lip; and treat the appearance of scars, burns and stretch marks (this is known as Medical Tattooing).

Yes and No. Cosmetic pigments are designed to fade gradually in the skin over time, this allows for changes and adjustments to be made as your skin ages (colour, shape, size etc)
This being said, pigment is being inserted into the skin so you may find tiny traces of colour can stay in the skin for much longer.

Tiny sterile needles are used, with a specially designed device, to delicately implant cosmetic pigments into the top layers of the skin. Before beginning the treatment, colours are chosen to suit your skin tone, your design is then hand drawn on to compliment your facial features and to achieve your desired look.
Most cosmetic tattoo treatments are a 2 part process and require a second visit 6-8 weeks after your first treatment, this allows for a ‘perfecting’ session and also to make any minor adjustments if needed.

Honestly, a leg wax is much more painful that a cosmetic tattoo!! Any is discomfort is kept to an absolute minimum, most clients actually find the whole treatment very relaxing!

Depending on which treatment you choose will depend on how much time you are at your appointment. Plenty of time is allowed for you to sit and chat about what you want to achieve from your treatment first.
On average allow:
Brows, Eyeliner and Lips: 1.5 – 2 hours
Areola: 45 mins – 1.5 hours
Scalp: 2 – 6 hours
Other medical tattooing procedures will vary.

Everyone’s skin and circumstances are different, and many factors will contribute to the longevity of your tattoo; such as age, skin type, lifestyle, activities, health and sun exposure.
For Permanent Make Up, maintenance treatments are recommended to keep your treatment looking fresh every 1 – 5 years.

Very minimal down time is needed for cosmetic tattoo treatments, most people go about their normal routine the same day as having Permanent Make Up done.
Redness and slight swelling is normal, eyeliner and lips are more likely to incur this, but this will settle within a few hours or at most a couple of days after treatment.

Most treatments are healed with 7 – 10 days.

Full Pre and Post Advice is on the website (insert link)
You will also be given a full aftercare pack and advice when leaving your treatment.