Scalp Tattoo

Also know as Scalp Micro-pigmentation, Scalp Tattooing has become a huge trend over recent years, providing instant, long lasting and affordable results.

Scalp Tattooing is fast becoming a popular alternative, for both men and women, to expensive and painful hair transplants; this tattoo treatment is less invasive, requires no downtime and is practically pain free (some people may experience mild discomfort, but only very minimal.)

Specially developed tattooing techniques are used to replicate the natural hair follicle, creating depth and shadow over the scalp, helping disguise all forms of hair loss and hair thinning, including:

  • pattern baldness
  • thinning or fine hair
  • scarring (including hair transplant scarring)
  • alopecia
  • hair loss due to cancer treatments

Tailored to each individual’s needs and wants, Scalp Tattooing is truly life changing for many people, helping to boost self esteem and creating age-defy results! 

Suitable for all ages,  genders and skin types.

*2 – 3 follow up sessions are required.

Maintenance treatments are recommended every 3 – 6 years to keep the tattoo looking fresh (depending on skin, lifestyle and aftercare).

Scalp Tattoo, Male pattern baldness

Scalp Tattooing from £325.