Post Appointment Advice

What to expect after your Cosmetic Tattoo treatment.

You will be given full aftercare advice and an aftercare pack before leaving your appointment.


Day of your Treatment: You may experience tenderness, redness and/or swelling, these affects are all temporary and normal to expect from a tattoo.

Day 1 – 7: Your cosmetic tattoo will be at its darkest during this period, do not panic this is to be expected. The colour and shape will soften as it heals.

Day 7 – 14: Mild scabbing will have formed and begin to shed away, DO NOT scratch, rub or pick the area, doing so will cause trauma, potential scarring and pigment loss. Itchiness is also very common at this stage as the skin is healing, Colour hue will also appear much lighter, even faded/patchy as the mild scabbing flakes away, this is all normal and part of the healing process.

Day 14 – 28: Colour hue will begin to blossom through and become more prominent again as the skin regenerates. Skin may also be a little dry and flakey during this final stage of the healing process, keep skin hydrated with a gentle moisturiser.

 Do’s and Don’ts:

– No make-up, cleansers, toners, moisturisers etc can be used on the tattooed area until fully healed (2-3 weeks minimum).

– Avoid swimming, hot baths, saunas etc until fully healed. Showering is fine, but be mindful not get the area too wet and away from direct water spray.

– Excessive sweating will disrupt the healing process and cause pigment loss.

– No sunbathing, sun beds or self-tanning. Sun exposure will cause pigment to fade, always use an SPF50 on the tattooed area, even when fully healed.

– Avoid sleeping directly on the area while healing, excessive rubbing can cause loss of pigment, a silk pillow case is useful.

– ‘Active’ skin care containing retinol, acids and AHA’s etc should never be used directly on the tattooed area, even once healed, these ingredients will accelerate pigment fade.