Traditional tattooing

Tanya’s specialises in Neo Traditional, colour work tattoos and loves working on fun and quirky designs. Tanya is renowned for putting her own tropical twist in her artwork, and is influenced by pop culture, music and art deco.

She also loves designs inspired by nature, florals and animals and is known for her beautiful work covering and disguising scarring and body concerns, including mastectomy and top surgery scars, stretch marks and self harm scars.

“I have seen first-hand the impact tattoos have on people, from decorating a scar with a beautiful piece of art to recreating a realistic 3D nipple after mastectomy surgery, tattoos can help heal a person inside and out. They can mark a milestone moment, symbolise a new beginning or celebrate cherished memories in a person’s life; they enable people to reclaim their bodies and transform their skin into something they love, helping them to move forward, build self-esteem and boost body confidence.” – Tanya

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