Traditional tattooing

Tanya began her career as a traditional tattoo artist in 2009. She has travelled all over the world working at various tattoo studios and conventions, establishing herself firmly within the tattoo industry. She specialises in Neo Traditional, colour work tattoos and loves working on fun, quirky designs. Tanya is renowned for putting her own tropical twist in her artwork, and is influenced by pop culture, music and art deco.
With her love for beauty and make up, she progressed into Cosmetic Tattooing in 2015, becoming a qualified Cosmetic and Medical Tattoo Artist.
Tanya has enjoyed a successful tattooing career thus far and has been published in a number of magazines, books, podcasts and online blogs both in the UK and internationally, including BBC Radio, Total Tattoo Magazine, Inked Australia, Memento Publishing and Tattoo Life Magazine. 
She is also the founder of the Mastectomy Tattooing Alliance, a non profit organisation dedicated to supporting the breast cancer community, by providing funding, skilled artists and education for Mastectomy Tattoos.
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