Train with Tanya

1:1 Advanced Mentor Training:

Exclusively tailored to you and your needs. These personalised classes are extremely beneficial to any artist looking to further their knowledge and expand their skillset.

Cosmetic Tattooing
for Traditional Tattoo Artists

Bringing you the first training of its kind; tattoo artist Tanya Buxton has specifically designed these Cosmetic Tattooing courses for Traditional Tattoo Artists.

Magnum Masterclass

Expand your skills and knowledge in this in-depth needle training. Learn how to use larger needle configurations and techniques for brow and lip tattooing.

Li-Ft: Saline Removal Training

Li-FT is a safe and effective saline based pigment/ink lightening solution.
The ability to perform lightening and removal procedures has become a necessary tool and skill for PMU artists, allowing you to offer more options to clients in need.